We develop and produce searingly original stories for film and TV.

About Us

Relentlessly braving the elements, storing up sap, and guarding the environment while also enriching it, the lone pine tree symbolizes the permanence of natural law. The lone pine is the last word of the old forest and the vanguard of the new one.

Lone Pine Productions takes that symbol as its guiding light. In film and TV, we create nothing less than stories that embody the last word – the most unflinchingly accurate representation – of any epoch, event, person, or struggle. In so doing, we aim for the finished production to continue the creative process in the minds of the audience – now and forever the best arbiter of taste and the stoutest guardian of truth.


Kevin Karp

Writer / Producer / Founder / Managing Partner

Kevin is a multiple award-winning writer-producer with scripted film and TV projects spanning the comedy, drama, and thriller genres. He studied Soviet secret-intelligence history as a Reynolds Scholar at Cambridge under MI5 historian Christopher Andrew, and he has an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth, where he studied history and international relations, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Before founding Lone Pine Productions, he served as an international-trade advisor for a delegation of the European Parliament, in which position he was on mission in Belgium, France, and the UK.


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